South Asia Map | Map of South Asia [ Political & Physical ]

The South Asia Map defines the geographical boundaries of South Asia and the countries with which it shares its borders. South Asia covers about 5,134,641 square kilometers and includes the countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The climate is temperate in the north and tropical monsoon-influenced in the south. In the southern part, the climate is hot in the summers and receives rainfall during the monsoons. Here we are providing a Map of South Asia.

South Asia Map [Political]

Furthermore, Afghanistan is at the crossroads of Central Asia map and South Asia. It is the heart of Asia and shares borders with Pakistan in the east and south. It also shares its borders with Iran in the west and Turkmenistan in the northwest.

Map of South Asia


Besides that, it defies the boundary with Uzbekistan in the north and Tajikistan in the northeast. Political Map south Asia (Asia Political Map) shares its border with China in the northeast and east. It covers approximately 252,073 square miles, and its population is about 40,218,234. It is mountainous and rugged, and some mountain ridges, plateaus, and river basins. Here we are providing the South Asia Map.

South Asia On a Map (South Asia Map)

Furthermore, Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populous in South Asia. It covers approximately 57,320 square miles, and about 165 million people live in this area. Moreover, the map of south Asian countries defines its border with India in the west, north, and east. Additionally, it shows a boundary with Myanmar in the southeast and a coastline accompanied by the Bay of Bengal in the south.

South Asia map with countries


Besides that, Dhaka is the capital of this country, and Chittagong is its largest seaport. Dhaka plays a crucial role in the economy of this country.   In addition, the south Asian map serves as a cultural and political hub. It has a tropical climate and a mild winter from October to March. Floods, tropical cyclones, and tornadoes cause soil degradation and erosion.

Map of South Asia Countries Map [Physical]

Moreover, Bhutan is in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia and is a mountainous country. Although Nepal and Bangladesh are the nearest countries, it does not share its boundary with Nepal and Bangladesh. It covers about 14,824 square miles and has a population of approximately 777,486.

Besides that, it has steep and high mountains, and its climate affects its biodiversity and ecosystem. It is home to rare species, such as golden langur, Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, hispid hare, and sloth bear. There are about 5400 species of plants. Here we are presenting the map of south Asian countries.

South Asia on world Map (South Asia Map)

Additionally, India is in South Asia and covers about 1,269,219 square miles. Its population is approximately 1,407,563,842. The Indian Ocean is to its south, and the Arabian Sea is to the Southwest Asia Map. Moreover, the Bay of Bengal is to the southeast. South Asia map with countries shares its boundary with Pakistan in the west.

South Asia map


It also shares its border with China, Nepal, and Bhutan in the north. Besides that, it shares its boundary with Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east (Eastern Time Zone Map). Besides that, Nepal is also in south Asia map countries and covers about 56,956 square miles. It defines the border of Tibet with China to the north. India is in its south, east, and west. Here we are presenting the map of south Asia countries.

Map of Countries in South Asia

South Asia on the world map


Moreover, the Maldives is also in South Asia and covers approximately 120 square miles. Its population is about 579,330. It is one of the geographically dispersed sovereign states. It is the smallest Asian country, and Male is the capital of this country. It has a tropical monsoon climate and is hot and humid. If you want to know the Time Zone Map of Tennessee, click Tennessee Time Zone Map.

South Asia Countries Map

In addition, Pakistan is also in countries on the south Asia map and covers about 340,509 square miles. Its population is approximately 242,923,845, and it is the world’s fifth-most populous country. It shares a border with India in the east. Besides that, it shares its border with Afghanistan in the west and Iran in the southwest. South Asia countries map also shares its boundary with China in the northeast. It shares its maritime boundary with Oman.

South Asian map


Sri Lanka is in South Asia and covers about 25,330 square miles. Approximately 22,156,000 people live in this country. Besides that, the south Asia country map shares its maritime boundary with India and the Maldives.

Where is South Asia located on a Map?

where is South Asia on the map


It has a tropical climate and is warm, and monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal affect rainfall. In a nutshell, South Asia is home to different cultures and religions. The south Asia map with capitals is crucial to knowing its physical features and is significant for learners and researchers.

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