Southeast Asia Map | Map of South-East Asia

The Southeast Asia Map plays a significant role in showing the geographical features of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, maps of Southeast Asia are the southeastern part of Asia. The Southeast Asia map defines the border between East Asia in the north and South Asia in the west.

In addition, it displays the boundary of the Bay of Bengal in the east by Oceania and the Pacific Ocean. It also shows the border between Australia and the Indian Ocean to the south. Besides that, the Southeast Asian map has two subregions.

Southeast Asia Map

The Mainland Southeast Asia region includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. That, Maritime Furthermore, the map Southeast Asia region consists of Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Here we are providing the Southeast Asia map.

Southeast Asia map


Furthermore, it is approximately 4,500,000 square kilometers, and 675 million people live in it. The people in various regions follow different cultures and speak many languages. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations organizes political, economic, military, educational, and cultural integration.

Southeast Asia On a Map (Southeast Asia Map)

Besides that, it has cultural influences from the neighboring regions. Although the map of Southeast Asia has a hot and humid climate and less rainfall, Northern Vietnam, the mountainous parts of Laos and Myanmar have a subtropical climate. In addition, most of the regions have wet and dry seasons due to seasonal shifts in the monsoon.

Southeast Asia countries on a map


Its climate change affects agriculture and irrigation. Besides that, it affects the fishing industry. Many animals are part of its region, like elephants, the Malayan Tapir, rhinoceros, and leopards. Here we are presenting Southeast Asia on the map.

Additionally, Brunei is on the map of Southeast Asia on the north coast of Borneo Island. In addition, it is the sovereign state of Borneo. Its population is about 460,345. Its development depends on oil and natural gas.

Maps of Southeast Asian Countries Map

Moreover, Cambodia is in Southeastern Asia and is approximately 181,035 square kilometers. It defines the border with Thailand in the northwest. Besides that, Phnom Penh is the capital city and largest city. East Timor is on the Southeast Asia countries map, as an island country. It consists of Timor, Atauro, Jaco, Oecusse, and West Timor.

map of southeast Asia


Besides that, Indonesia is in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in Southeast Asia. It has 17,000 islands and consists of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and New Guinea. Besides that, it is the largest archipelagic country. It is the world’s 14th largest country and a Muslim majority country.

Southeast Asia on world Map (Southeast Asia Map)

Laos is in Southeast Asia and is a socialist state. It shows the boundary between Myanmar and China in the northwest. Additionally, Malaysia is also on the map of countries in Southeast Asia and has 13 states and 3 federal territories. Besides that, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo’s East Malaysia are separated by the South China Sea.

It is the 45th most populous country and is home to endemic species. Myanmar is a country on the Southeast Asia map and shares borders with Bangladesh and India in the northwest. In addition, China is in the northwest, with Laos and Thailand to its east and southeast. The Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal lie to its south and southwest.

The Philippines is in Southeast Asia and is about 300,000 square kilometers. Moreover, it is the thirteenth most populous country in the world. Here we are presenting the Geography map of South east Asia.

Map of Countries in Southeast Asia

In addition, Singapore is also on the maritime map of Southeast Asian countries and is a sovereign island country. It has one main island, 63 islets, and one outlying islet. Besides that, Bukit Timah Hill is its highest natural point and has a tropical rainforest climate. Moreover, it is the world’s third largest foreign exchange center and an oil refining and trading center.

southeastern Asia map


Thailand covers about 513,120 square kilometers and is on the map of Southeast Asia countries. Seventy million people live there, which displays the boundary between Myanmar and Laos in the north and Cambodia and Laos in the east. In addition, the worldmap of southeast Asia defines the border between the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia in the south. It also shows the boundary of southeast Vietnam with maritime and India in southwest Indonesia and India.

Southeast Asia Countries Map

Furthermore, Vietnam covers about 128,070 square miles and is in Southeast Asia map countries. It is 128,070 square miles and is in Southeast Asia. It is the fifteenth most populous country in the world and shares a border with China in the north. Besides that, it includes Laos and Cambodia in the west and defines the maritime border with Thailand.

map of southeast Asian countries


East and southeast asia map shares the South China Sea with the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Hanoi is the capital of this country, and Ho Chi Minh is its largest city. Its economy depends on agriculture and fishing. Here we present the Southeast Asia map with Physical features.

Where is Southeast Asia located on a Map?

Where is Southeast Asia located on a map


It is popular among tourists, and about 9.7 million tourists visit from China, Europe, Russia, the UK, France, and Germany. In a nutshell, the Southeast Asia cities map is significant for tourists and researchers. It guides tourists along the routes of the countries they wish to visit.

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